Nepalese Clothing

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Handmade Clothing crafted in Nepal

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Nepalese Clothing

Foot Jumpers (socks!)


These super-warm socks are made from pure wool, with a toasty inner fleece lining. Once you've put them on you won't want to take them off..! Made from the same super-warm fabrics as our fleece lined jackets, hence why we call them Foot Jumpers! Reinforced heels, and the lining is sown into the toes for easy removal (should you ever want to take them off again). Colours & styles vary (see photos). Handmade in Nepal where toasty toes are much appreciated.

We sell a lot of these at the festivals we visit. Our customers already know this, but if you're camping, or simply just chilling in your veedub van, these are THE socks to keep your toes warm! UK MAINLAND DELIVERY included in the price.